My top 5 artists #onestowatch

The gallery has now been officially open for 6 months! Its gone so very fast.

Having never run a gallery before it has truly been an adventure. I am one of the fortunate ones that love their job. In the past 6 months I have worked with some truly talented artists through our exhibitions, Live Art Saturday and workshops. The community have been very welcoming and atteend our events regularly, the support has been amazing! Thank you.

I thought I would share with you my top 5 artists I have had the pleasure of working with #ones2watch in 2017 (in no particular order).

Allison Ferguson

Allison Ferguson is a London based artist. Her expressive style is defined by high contrast, mask like portraits, which bleed, disperse and blend watercolor techniques with acrylics and Indian ink.

Her recent works on paper and canvas, capture a sense of uncertainty, contradictions and unrealised dreams. Her artworks are concerned with questions of existence.

Allison is a Birmingham native who has worked in the fields of education and design. She achieved a BA Hons in Graphic Communication in 2007.

She is a pleasure to work with, since doing her live art saturday at the gallery she had gained a few commissions and has gone on to host kids workshops and activities at the gallery. She will be holding a solo exhibition here in the gallery this September! Stay tuned.


Paulette McKoy

Paulette is a self taught artist specialising in the art of abstract painting. She produces some very striking thought provoking abstract pieces in acrylic paint.

The development of her paintings begin with her feelings and subconscious thoughts, by immersing herself in her work, she goes beyond herself with freedom and energy which manifest itself into exciting forms on the surface. The vibrancy of colour, shape, texture and depth follow in harmony as she symbolically creates these techniques to formalise her works.

Paulette shared her creative process at her Live Art Saturday, exhibited in the galleries Abstract Group Exhibition and has now gone on to host regular abstract painting workshops here at the gallery and elsewhere in venues throughout london.


Suzette Huwae

Suzette is based in London, originally from Amsterdam.

Suzette ‘s work is about women of all colours. Uniting cultures & beauty, in a fashionable way. Her work is bold, striking and iconic.

“I like to make a statement about powerful strong women

creating awareness of beautiful women of all colours, we can inspire each other by our backgrounds. I want women to see their beauty and reflect their beauty.

We can embrace our flaws and see how beautiful we actually really are. I use popular slang or power quotes of different cultures.

Showing my view unto the cosmopolitan world, in the end all these women reflect little pieces of me...”

Suzette exhibited one of her most striking pieces in our group exhibition What It Is To Be Me..


Peter Hart

Peter Hart is a photographer who shoots whenever an idea appears to him from the great unknown. While he lists his main interest as photography and is usually seen around galleries of London looking at the high quality of photography on display, his other interests include design and spirituality . Peter Hart lives and works in London and is currently working as a digital retoucher which he describes as an “intense and rewarding profession”. Fluent in the artistic and commercial aspects of photography, in his personal time Peter specialises in portraits and family images which have a heavy leaning towards what makes identity apparent in photography and themes of social inclusion. Tina Barney and Rineke Dijkstra listed as great influences on his own work.

Peter manages to capture the people in his live and those he comes across in his daily life with a striking aesthetic, his work is thought provoking and seems to resonate deeply with the viewer.


Nasha Bradshaw

Nasha was born in Clarendon Jamaica. Currently residing in London UK.

Nasha has been interested in Art from a very young age and drew his first piece at the age of four. He was known locally as the Artist growing up.He studied Art at Holmwood Technical High but is mainly self taught.

From his tranquil upbringing in rural Jamaica, his love for nature and mother earth, to his current interest in the rastafarian culture has all heavily influenced his work so current issues such as climate change and world events have had a profound impact on him this is reflected in a few of his most recent pieces. His Art in intended to evoke deep emotions within the viewer. No matter the topic whether sad,angry,happy Nasha tries to the depict is work in a positive light and shows this with his love of bright colours for example a piece depicting heavy topics such as oppression climate change or slavery could still have a beautiful sunset in the background.

I met Nasha in the gallery and was really impressed with his work, he came along and had a Live Art Saturday session that was very well received locally and will now be showing a beautiful piece he worked on in the gallery next week at our nxt group show Shapers of Minds.


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