Art on Instinct

Here at the gallery we are preparing for our next group exhibition called: Art on Instinct

This exhibition is to celebrate self-taught artists who have some amazing talent that is often not celebrated in the art world; that which comes naturally. Self-taught artists create from the heart and create on instinct it is a natural talent that comes from within. A desire, emotion or feeling is expressed via the medium of art without the restraints of formal art tuition.

Since opening the gallery in December I have met some amazing local talent, some art school trained and some self taught like myself. Being a self-taught artist myself, I felt it was time we acknowledge the skill and talent that is out there created by other self taught artists. I have to admit it can be somewhat of a struggle to get established as an artist and the much deserved recognition for your work. But if the talent and determination to succeed is there, you just have to be consist and, stubborn even at times, fight harder to get your work noticed.

Whilst I appreciate that art buyers and collectors do not want to invest in a ‘one trick pony’, being self-taught doesn’t mean it was a one off piece and there is no potential in a particular artist. It means we are free! Free to create art on instinct, impulse or compulsion. We are not ones to follow the crowd, we are ground-breakers with the same dedication, passion and love of the arts as those with art school training.

I started creating the Colour in Motion series in 2007 and by 2011 I was bored with it. An art professional said take it further, reluctantly I did and managed to create some amazing pieces which have gone on to be some of my best sellers.

Artists, this is why it is important to be consistent, determined and create a strong body of work. Explore your subjects and themes, push it further. Even when you think you have taken it as far as you can, go further you might just surprise yourself.

My message is don’t give up, be thorough and don’t be afraid to explore, art is for everyone,

old young and all in between!

Go Create and be free!

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